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Louis Vuitton unveils the ultimate It

Earlier this year, four years after joining Louis Vuitton, he put the finishing touches to not one, not two, but seven new fragrances for the French luxury goods label, which go on sale in its boutiques this Thursday.

But until today, when we meet at Les Fontaines Parfumes Louis Vuitton’s perfume HQ in Grasse, France this olfactory genius knows nothing of the role he has played in me setting up The Perfume Society, the world’s first ‘networking’ organisation for fragrance lovers, or in an exercise that has become central to our ‘How to Improve Your Sense of Smell’ workshops.

More than two decades ago, I’d just won a Jasmine Award from The Fragrance Foundation for my first ever article about perfume and, in a quest to improve my sense of smell once described by Helen Keller as ‘the fallen angel of our senses’ I interviewed Jacques for some tips. He’d recently enjoyed huge success creating L’Eau d’Issey for Issey Miyake and Lancme’s Pome. I imagined he’d send me away to sniff some oils but, instead, what he told me is imprinted on my memory for ever.

‘Fragrance is liquid emotion,’ he began. ‘Smell things. Smell everything: flowers, fragrances, essential oils But, most importantly, write down what comes into your mind: colours, feelings, people, places. And do it every day, as if you were practising a 1:1 replica handbags musical instrument.’

I did as I was told. And what felt like a miracle happened: over the following weeks, not only didI get better at identifying smells, but the physical distance I could smell things from got longer and longer and stayed that way. (My record? Once,in Copenhagen, I got a whiff of curry from a restaurant that turned out to be over a kilometre away and there wasn’t even a breeze.)

‘But, of course!’ is his reaction, when I tell him this now. ‘And congratulations replica louis vuitton bags ,’ he adds. ‘You joined our “club” of people who understand the real magic of smelling, and you began your emotional scent journey.’

And that was long before he presented the world with the seven sense delighting new creations that are about to put Louis Vuitton firmly back on the scent map. Les Parfums Louis Vuitton are mostly florals appropriately, given the centuries oldrole Grasse has played in growing scented flowers for perfumery and, unashamedly, swimming against the current tide of ‘shareable scents’, they are high quality replica handbags china designed for women. But those perfumes disappeared. Fashion and accessories became the focus and it has takentill now for Vuitton to get its scent mojo back.

And how. There is literally nowhere in the world to rival the building now Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica dedicated to Vuitton’s perfume creation: a breathtaking terracotta coloured Provenal bastide up a winding hill in the backstreets of Grasse, which was something of a ‘fallen angel’ itself, having fallen into terrible disrepair. Known as Les Fontaines Parfumes, it was formerly a perfume factory past whose cast iron gates a small boy named Jacques used to walk to school each day.

‘I grew up in Grasse and my father and grandfather were both perfumers,’ he says. ‘Back then, the streets flowed with rosewater and orange flower water, a by product of essential oil production at Les Fontaines Parfumes. The whole town was fragrant with whatever they were making.’

The young Jacques always knew he wanted to be a perfumer, snaffling the cheap replica handbags scent blotters his father brought back from the lab to sniff in his bedroom. As a teenager, if his grades were good enough,his father would secure him work experience atthe fragrance house Charabot, where he was employed. Years later high quality designer replica handbags , aged 30, after his blockbuster success with L’Eau d’Issey, Jacques was anointed as a rising fake designer bags star.

The gateway to Les Fontaines Parfumes, which Jacques used to walk past as a child

Today, he is one of just 400 or so perfumersin the world fewer than astronauts and has created scents for everyone from YSL, Jean Paul Gaultier, Calvin Klein and Bulgari to Stella McCartney and Tom Ford. Despite his globetrotting career , the lure of the state of the art laboratory at Les Fontaines Parfumes, the chance to go back to his family roots in Grasse, not to mention the freedom, as Matre Parfumeur of the MaisonLouis Vuitton, to create the fragrances of his dreams with money no object, ingredient wise was understandably irresistible.

Outside Jacques’ new ‘home’, 1,500 jasmineand 500 rose de mai bushes have been planted, flanking a garden Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags of more than 350 replica louis vuitton bags different plants (many of them scented); in time, the jasmine and rose petals will be distilled into ingredients for the perfumes. But inside, Les Fontaines Parfumes is nothing short of astonishing: whisper quiet air extraction (to keep the air free from scents that might distract the perfumer’s evaluation of his fragrance blotters), fridges full of the world’s most expensive perfume oils, and a lab interior so beautifully replica louis vuitton finished that it could do justice to the inside of a Louis Vuitton handbag.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jacques also happens to have a deep sentimental attachment to the luxury goods label. ‘When I was 17 I used my earnings at the factory to buy my first piece of Louis Vuitton leather a raspberry red bag, a Mother’s Day gift at its store on the Croisette in Cannes. After I’d paid in cash, the assistant walked away and I wondered where she’d gone. cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk She returned with my purchase in a box, inside a bag tied with ribbons that was the moment I first understood luxury.’ (He then went next door to the Carlton hotel, bought himself a pricy coffee, and ‘felt like a king’.)

Roses being prepared for perfume making at a factory in Grasse, circa 1900

So does Jacques agree that he now has the best job of any nose on the planet? ‘Actually, I always say that I’ve never really had a job,’ concludes aaa replica designer handbags this soft spoken bear of a man, smiling. ‘I feel like I’ve been on a very long holiday, my whole career, trying to put myself in each bottle to surprise and to please. What I really love about perfume is the way it unlocks Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags memories of childhood, love, places and people it’s different for everyone and its power to tap into your emotions.’

I will never be a perfumer, but as I go around seeking out glorious smells and sniffing the world like a truffle hunting golden retriever, I have Jacques to thank for the turbocharged pleasure life gives me, for my exciting journey with The Perfume Society and for the memories joyfully unlocked by the fragrances and aromas every day. Perfume may be invisible. But who says it can’t change your life.

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